The pledge manager is now live!

Hello :)

By now all backers to my Kickstarter should have received an email from Gamefound, the company I am using to manage pledges. Please open the link, create an account, and select the items you purchased. You should already have a credit on your account for the amount you pledged on the Kickstarter campaign.

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Last few days of the campaign, my post on /r/iama, and a game review!!

Hey there! It’s your corporate boy Wonmin back at it with another Kickstarter update.

So a lot has been happening in the past few days.

My post on /r/iama blew up and currently has over 11k upvotes and 575 comments on it which just blows my mind. I am just humbled by all the questions and the positive responses that came in. Amazing. And if you are a backer that found me from Reddit, thank you for joining and thank you for supporting me on this little adventure.

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