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Welcome to Sysifus Corp! You are EMPLOYEE#318996 and are part of the most recent cohort of new hires here at Sysifus Corp. Your goal at this company is to suck up to all three Bosses before attending your annual Performance Review. The first employee to do so will be promoted! But be careful as your fellow coworkers will do anything to make you fail.

Welcome to Sysifus Corp is a literal rat-race around the board as you build a path to the Bosses in their corner offices and return to the Performance Review tile.

Employees will build a collective path by placing Project cards around the board. They will then traverse this path, amassing Company Influence along the way, and utilize that Influence to play various Office Politics cards (25 unique cards). There is no limit on how far your career can go when you fully leverage the power of Office Politics.

In a typical turn:

  • players create a path to the Bosses by placing Project cards
  • players can block off paths so that others cannot follow, causing others to potentially get stuck
  • use Office Politics cards to get ahead or sabotage your coworkers
  • chain together multiple cards to achieve crazy combos such as swapping locations, causing others to get stuck, or shifting the entire office layout
  • manage your Company Influence wisely and use them strategically to get even further ahead

How do you pronounce Sysifus?

Like the greek myth Sisyphus

For those unfamiliar with the tale of Sisyphus, he is “a figure from Greek mythology who…ultimately got his comeuppance when Zeus dealt him the eternal punishment of forever rolling a boulder up a hill in the depths of Hades.”

I’m sure you’ve heard of him.

When creating this game, I wanted the theme to be a sarcastic critique on corporate life. So when I was coming up with the name, I stumbled upon the story of Sisyphus and thought it was a brilliant metaphor of my own life as a corporate slave.

So I made a fictional corporation for my game–Sysifus Corp. Even gave it an appropriate boulder-pushing logo.


The game

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The logo symbolizes Sisyphus, the person who was punished with endlessly pushing a boulder up a hill in Ancient Greek mythology.

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Funny skits about the work life at Sysifus Corp



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