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Win free shipping!

Win free shipping!

If you can solve the following puzzle, I will give you a coupon for free shipping for my board game.

No strings attached. No signups. No tricks. Just a good ol' fashioned puzzle.

If you are on a computer, you can use the arrow keys to navigate.

Click here to start

Click here to start

Moves left : 3

"1 move" moves you by 1 tile. 2 moves, 2 tiles. etc.

Company Influence ( ) : 0

Used to pay for the Office Politics ( ) cards in your hand.
Some effects require additional cards as added payment.
Capped at 5 influence.

Office Politics cards ( ) in hand:

Special ability cards that can alter the cards on the board.
For use any time on your turn. Click to view details.

Check out the interactive tutorial

It should take less than 5 minutes to learn.

Click here for the tutorial!