Introducing my second game!

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Introducing my second game!

I wanted to share a sneak peek at my next game.

Love, Career & Magic

A reality TV card game in a mythical modern world.

It’s a card game set in a fantastical world of orcs, dragons, elves, and other fantasy creatures. They all live in a shared modern world and have regular jobs like office worker, artist, baristas, etc.

Six strangers eating dinner together.

Six strangers eating dinner together.

In this world, there is a reality TV show called SHAREHOME where six strangers live together and form friendships and relationships.

  • Play as one of the 25 fantasy characters
  • Act out various events / go on dates / stir up drama.
  • Guess who likes/hates who to earn points.
  • Achieve your secret life goals and graduate from the reality TV show.

If you enjoy party games where the main focus is to have a good time with your friends, then this is the perfect game for your next get-together!

Click here to check out Love, Career & Magic!


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