Sysifus (or Sisyphus) in the real world

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Sysifus (or Sisyphus) in the real world

So here on this relaxing Sunday, I just wanted to post an update on some interesting things I’ve been seeing on the internet.

Did you know that “Sisyphus Corporation” is a real life company? Yeah! It belongs to Jared Leto, the cult leader, joke of an actor (I mean Joker actor), and lead band vocalist. It is one of the reasons why I named my fictional company “Sysifus” instead.

The story is that the Bosses who founded “Sysifus Corp” heard about the Greek myth of Sisyphus and thought that it was a great story about a relentless and tireless workforce. Hence they named their company after him. But they were too lazy (or too stupid) to bother spelling the name correctly.

And did you know? There is now a Korean drama called “Sisyphus” on Netflix. I haven’t seen the episodes yet but might check it out once all the episodes are available.

And now back to my game 😂

Thanks to the folks over at Boardgame Empire for a playthrough video of my game!

So what do you think? Would you name your company after the Greek myth of Sisyphus? Does the Netflix show look interesting to you? I personally would NOT name my company after a dead king who was punished to forever roll a boulder up a cliff…but that’s just me I guess.


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