Last few days of the campaign, my post on /r/iama, and a game review!!

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Last few days of the campaign, my post on /r/iama, and a game review!!

Hey there! It’s your corporate boy Wonmin back at it with another Kickstarter update.

So a lot has been happening in the past few days.

My post on /r/iama blew up and currently has over 11k upvotes and 575 comments on it which just blows my mind. I am just humbled by all the questions and the positive responses that came in. Amazing. And if you are a backer that found me from Reddit, thank you for joining and thank you for supporting me on this little adventure.

We’re coming up on the last few days of the campaign and I’m hoping to end it strong with $20k total raised, but if that doesn’t happen, that’s okay too! Because my goal was $15k and I definitely raised way over that 😍 If you can share this campaign with a buddy of yours then hopefully we can get to that $20k goal.

To end this update, I just want to say thanks to the folks over at DOALG (Diary of a Lincoln Geek) for posting a review of my game on their website. I was a guest on their discussion livestream a while back and it was fun talking to them about my game and board games in general. Please do go check out their website or consider subscribing to their social media. (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)


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