Update for April (Manufacturer selected!)

Welcome to

Update for April (Manufacturer selected!)

Hello! It’s been a while since I updated.

I just wanted to update everyone that I have selected the manufacturer and paid the initial deposit for the mass production copies.

The manufacturer I will be using is called GAMELAND and you can learn more about them here or see the list of games they’ve made in the past here.

So the next step is they will send me two digital samples (called the white and color samples) and begin production immediately after my final approval. So depending on when the samples arrive, it may be about two months or so from now until the final copies have been made.

I am super excited to be one more step closer to getting my game published and out in the world for people to discover and enjoy!

Thank you everyone!

P.S. heres an unrelated pic of my cat sleeping

P.S. heres an unrelated pic of my cat sleeping


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